New Tech Trick Provides Huge boost of Wi-Fi Range and speed!

New Tech Trick Provides Huge boost of Wi-Fi Range and speed!

A new internet speed trick that boost both Wi-Fi Speed and Wi-Fi range!

Canadian residents are forever up in arms against local ISP’s (internet service providers)  and complains in regards the low speed of their internet connection.

Well, DailyTipsters have caught on a possible solution wildly popular everywhere in europe.

You see, most Canucks have one router at home, usually located in the living room. Most routers comes with a 5-10 meters reception range and even then, you are not enjoying the full speed of the connection!

Imagine how annoying it is, you are sitting on your couch, watching a fun video on your mobile, and start walking to the kitchen to grab yourself a cold one, and then the connection dies. buffering starts etc. Annoying as hell right?


The solution? 

Well, You could change the location of your router, but moving it will probably cost you both time and money – time with the internet service provider and money to pay the technician. 

Luckily, We have found a simple yet genius trick that will allow you to extend the reach of your router and amplify both its range and connection speed while solving many other internet issues you didn’t even know you have.

You would think this type of miracle is going to cost a lot or will be super complicated to install. But no. in truth it a very simple solution, and for less than you might think, your entire house will be covered.

Introducing: The Wi-Fi Booster!

How does it work?

We could bore you with the technical details, but in to put it simply, wifibooster finds your router signal, amplify it and allow it to reach farther, pass obstacles (for example, concrete walls)  better and the usage is extremely easy!  

  1. Plug Wifi Booster to any free socket.
  2. THAT’S IT!

No wonder this amazing device is such a big seller in Germany and other countries across europe. 

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